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Is it too late to sign up/register?
It is never too late to sign up! Registration is held online but once it is purchased you need to meet with our Logistics Coordinator or Registration Liaison to obtain your membership card. Please email to set this up. 

How much does QYC cost?

Student Semester - $60
Student Yearly - $100
Faculty/Staff Semester - $60
Faculty/Staff Yearly - $100

How often can I go to yoga?
Your membership entitles you to attend up to TWO yoga classes per week

When are the classes?
QYC classes are held at the same time every week. Please click on “schedule” at the top of the website to view all of the classes available this semester!

Can I share my membership with a friend?
No, your QYC membership is only for you! Every individual must register separately to participate.


Do I have to go to yoga?
QYC is a club, but your attendance isn't mandatory! Go to yoga class when you want, and when it fits in with your busy student schedule!

Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, because QYC is such a big club, it is too difficult to facilitate refunds or exchanges. All sales are final on memberships, mats, and apparel.

Is hot yoga included in the membership?
Of course!

What if I lose my membership card?
Unfortunately it costs $15 to get a new membership card. This is to cover the cost of the new card and the cost of updating our attendance tracking system.

Do I need to have my own yoga mat?

The ARC has yoga mats you can use for free. Our off campus studios usually offer mats that can be rented for a small fee.



Who teaches the classes? 
All of our classes are taught by certified yoga instructors. See our page with teacher profiles for more information.

What can I expect at my class? 
Check out our Types of Yoga page here for an idea of what you can expect at different classes!

Do I have to sign up for classes?
No, classes are first come first served. There is no advance sign up for any classes.

Can I borrow/rent a mat at my classes?
You can rent a mat for a small fee at most of our studios.


What kind of yoga is taught? 
QYC holds a wide range of types of yoga classes. For more information on the different kinds of yoga and what to expect, see our page on types of yoga for more information.

What do I need to bring to class?
A yoga mat, comfortable clothes, a water bottle, and a towel for hot classes. We also recommend a sweater for the shavasana at the end of your practice!

What time should I arrive to class?
You should aim to be at least 15 minutes early to class out of respect for the other students and teachers. We recommend arriving earlier to guarantee a spot in a popular class.

When do classes run?
Check out our Weekly Schedule here!

Important Notes

Please always bring your membership key tag and your student card to class. You will be denied entry if you forget either of these.

ALL Queen's Yoga Club members must hold an active ARC membership.

All QYC members are required to sign an online safety waiver and fill out a medical form before participating in any classes.


Need more yoga?

Come to our events!
Admission is always free and even non-members are welcome! Updates about our upcoming events can be found on Our Events page, Facebook, and Instagram!

Check out some of our favourite studios in Kingston for extra classes! 
See our Studio page here for links to the studios close to campus that QYC recommends!

Practice at home!
Tara Stiles is a favourite of QYC! Check her out on YouTube here for some awesome flows to do at home!