our team

Co-President - Genevieve Hayes

Program: Fourth Year Engineering Physics

Favourite Type of Yoga: Morning Power

Favourite Yoga Pose: Forward Fold

Fun Fact: Absolutely love the board game Settlers of Catan!

Co-President - Vivian Yang

Program: Third Year Con-Ed/Biochemistry

Favourite Type of Yoga: Yin

Favourite Yoga Pose: Triangle Pose

Fun Fact: I can speak three different dialects of Chinese

External Events Coordinator - Hema Hetchison

Program: Fourth Year Con-Ed Physics and Environmental Studies

Favourite Type of Yoga: Hot Wake Up

Favourite Yoga Pose: Tree (Vriksasana)

Fun Fact: Newborn humpback whale calves can weigh up to a ton, and when nursing they can drink up to 600 litres of milk per day!

External Events Coordinator - Jen McConnel

Program: Third Year of PhD in Education

Favourite Type of Yoga: Hot Flow

Favourite Yoga Pose: Tree

Fun Fact: I write YA fiction

Events Coordinator - Michelle Weller

Program: Third Year Life Sci

Favourite Type of Yoga: Hot Power Yoga

Favourite Yoga Pose: Bird of Paradise

Fun Fact: I wasn’t able to touch my toes while stretching until this year!

Social Media Coordinator - Evi Dent

Program: Third Year Political Science

Favourite Type of Yoga: Yin Yoga

Favourite Yoga Pose: Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Fun Fact: My guilty pleasure is bubblegum ice cream

Social Media Coordinator - Taylor Brohm

Program: Fourth Year Life Sci

Favourite Type of Yoga: Light Vinyasa

Favourite Yoga Pose: Reclined Cobbler’s Pose

Fun Fact: My yoga journey began at home thanks to YouTube!

Registration Coordinator - Amanda Miller

Program: Second Year Environmental Science and Geography

Favourite Type of Yoga: Ashtanga/Power

Favourite Yoga Pose: Koudinyasa

Fun Fact: I did an Ironman 70.3 this summer!

Registration Coordinator - Shae-Lynn Koe

Program: Second Year Specialization in Biology and Psychology

Favourite Type of Yoga: Hot Yoga

Favourite Yoga Pose: Warrior II

Fun Fact: I’ve torn three ligaments in my knee while skiing

Logistics Coordinator - Kelsey MacIntosh

Program: Second Year Master of Public Health

Favourite Type of Yoga: Hot Energize

Favourite Yoga Pose: Handstand

Fun Fact: I was in competitive gymnastics for 7 years!

Treasurer - Hannah Stafl

Program: Fourth Year Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE)

Favourite Type of Yoga: Hot, any kind!

Favourite Yoga Pose: Dancer

Fun Fact: I went on a 50 day canoe trip!

App Developer - Brooke Clouston

Program: Fourth Year Computer Science and Math

Favourite Type of Yoga: Hot Yin

Favourite Yoga Pose: Lizard Pose

Fun Fact: My favourite animal is a raccoon!