| Stephanie Walmsley |

Yoga teaches me something new about myself every day. This journey of self-discovery happens on and off my mat because yoga has taught me to look inward to find answers. The most important lesson I have learned so far is self-acceptance and I am an honored to be able to help others with this realization

| Rina Thibault | 

Teaching yoga, practicing Thai Yoga Massage and family are Rina's three passions in life. Balancing these three loves allows her to challenge and to learn about her own mental and physical well being. It also continues to be the source of inspiration to teach and help improve the quality of life for students and clients. Rina was first introduced to yoga in high school and unknowingly her mind and body started to change as she continued to practice. It wasn't until 10 years later that she really noticed the change in her outlook on life. Through simple awareness and wanting to share the benefits of yoga, she decided to teach yoga and meditation. She is well-versed in yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, and complementary health modalities. She enjoys working with students of all body types, learning styles and fitness levels, incorporating mindful breathing and meditation in all her classes to help students relax and centre themselves.

| Liz Huntly | 

Liz is a mover and shaker, a barefoot philosopher, a collector of languages. She mostly lives in rural Ontario, but feels at home anywhere she can comfortably get into vrksasana. She’s infinitely curious about the body & the breath, plants, art, magic, beauty, failure, and how to find the sweetness of being lost in the world. She’s writing a book that she’ll probably never get around to starting. She wants to watch you fall in love with yoga. Liz is co-owner of studio330.

| Alex Lewis | 

Alex has been an active member of the fitness world for several years, predominately extreme sports. She has always known the importance of physical health, but felt there was something missing...until she found Yoga. She fell in love with Yoga when she first stepped on the mat. It was an overwhelming feeling of peaceful energy. Through her own personal discoveries and life experiences she found the true significance of balancing the mind, body and soul. Just simply breathing (stopping and smiling) and implementing Mindfulness in your life can change your whole world! She believes that is the guidance to our true self, and incorporates that connectivity in her daily practice.

| Isaiah |

Isaiah has been facilitating physical and mental fitness through yoga for the past few years. He's a lively and reflective teacher, always open to new students with new experiences to bring to their practices. Come for sweet playlists, stay for a practice in holding space. Everybody and every body welcome.

| Jamie Wood |

Jaime draws on her experience to teach light, uplifting classes that reflect the challenge of everyday life without losing sight of yoga’s ancient + rich tradition. True to her roots, she teaches dynamic Vinyasa using an ever-changing sequence of Asana (aligning breath and movement) and the interdisciplinary approach, which allows her to respond to the energy in the room. She has trained with many great teachers, each of whom has contributed to her unique teaching style. Her love of yoga is evident in her teaching style and her classes will leave you feeling inspired and open to possibility.

| Frederique Seroude |

Everyday I show up on my mat, everyday brings something different, an opportunity to learn about myself mentally and physically and I try to carry what I have learnt with me through the day. I have done my 200 hours teacher training with Mona Warner. Since I have taken multiple workshops with Richard Freeman, Meghan Currie, Leslie Kaminoff, Advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest, annual workshops with Kino McGregor, and am now learning under the guidance of my teacher David Robson.

| Mahaya Sikorsky |

Yoga is an essential part of my life. Yoga asanas in combination with breathing exercises allow me to really feel what is going on in my body, rather than being habitually lost in the stories of my mind. It allows me to tap into a deeper part of myself, the place of true calm power and intuitive knowing. The place of connection, where the whole life is experienced as an amazing exploration and a rare opportunity to express and share with the rest of the world all that unique beauty that resides within each one of us.

| Kristina Marchiori |

I am currently pursuing my masters of science in occupational therapy at queens university. One of my favourite classes I taught this year was superhero themed yoga to 4 different groups of grade 1-3 kids (pretending to be the hulk in yoga is so much fun!) I also love travelling, trying out new foods and spending time in nature.

| Shanshan Tian |

Yoga is a journey and a life-long pursuit, complete with bumps, detours, and different paths. It is always between the polarity of perfection and imperfection, that’s why we call it a practice.

| Katie Kyte |

I am always humbled at what I learn about myself through yoga practice. I practice to keep calm, balanced and centered. I also practice because it’s fun! Bringing something new to someone's life can be nothing but rewarding. I always found myself advocating yoga to friends whom it could help and it was just a natural progression to want to step up and teach them. My baby girl (who is the most profound little yogini), my husband who continues to inspire and encourage, and my beautiful family and wonderful friends.

| Alex Kotarba |

My personal practice includes meditation, mantra, and asana. Off the mat I try to live as consciously as possible reminding myself to be aware of my thoughts and actions as much as possible throughout the day.

| Beth Clark |

Why Yoga? Why not!! It's the most challenging, enriching, enlivening and fulfilling way to spend my time. After class the cells in my body literally feel fuller, my joints move with grace and my brain feels clearer.

| Brendine Partyka |

Yoga allows me to feel vulnerable in a spiritual and a physical sense. I started a regular practice at a time when my physical activities were creating more stress than relief. I was seeking something beautiful, physical and grounding. I love that yoga is a creative process with infinite depth. It allows me to observe myself and move toward acceptance.

| Katrina Paudyn |

I started practicing yoga regularly in 2015. A little clumsy by nature, I was encouraged by the slow improvements I noticed on and off my mat. I may have been drawn in by the physical challenge but I stayed for the mental benefits and the community I found along the way. For me yoga is a form of creative expression and its movement continues to be medicine for my mind and body. Having completed my 200 hour teacher training in Costa Rica, I am excited to share what I’ve learned and to continue to grow my practice. When I’m not doing yoga you can most likely find me drinking coffee and reading books. I’m currently a graduate student within the Department of Environmental Studies at Queen's. 

| Jordana Waserman |

Jordana Waserman completed her 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training at Himalayan Yoga Bliss in Darjeeling, India in May of 2017. This fall, she is instructing your Tuesday morning Sunrise Yoga and Sunday morning Light Vinyasa. Jordana is looking forward to holding space for you to find peace and quiet among the hectic-ness of everyday life. Her personal practice consists of lots of slow stretches and long holds, and she loves to integrate these into her classes . Off the mat, Jordana enjoys playing with her parrot Rio, traveling, taking photographs, and filling her apartment with a few too many plants. She is currently studying medicine at Queen's University.